Bio Safety Cabinet

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  • •  Main body should be mad in mild steel (Heavy gauge- 19 G)
  • •  Table top and working zone should be made of stainless steel (304 grade)-Heavy gauge- 200
  • •  Table top should be in two parts: a)Front perforated portion 5" in size b) Non perforated working zone
  • •  Work Area should be approximately 2 X 2, 3 X 2, 4 X 2 with shutter opening of 489 mm
  • •  Air Flow should be vertical down flow with 70 % Circulation 30 % exhaust.
  • •  Cleanliness level should be less than 3.5 particles/ liter of 0.5 mm and larger.
  • •  Noise Level should be less than 65 db.
  • •  Vibration level: Less than 2.3 mm.
  • •  Average air flow should be 90�20 fpm (down flow).
  • •  Door fully automatic.

Specification :
  • •  HEPA flters should be MINIPLATE with 99.99% efficiency for 0.3 micron with integral metal guards & ?lter frame gaskets and manufactured in class 100 super clean air conditioned environment for longer life.
  • •  Air pressurization system should be statically and dynamically balanced,fitted with special vibration reducing system to suit low noise and vibrations.
  • •  UV lamp should be in working zone (40 micro wafts/ square cm at 254 mm or better) and placed so that the operator cannot see directly i.e. eyes should be always protected.
  • •  Should have Rehabitable pre ?lters should have ef?ciency of more than 80%.
  • •  Should have Switches & Electrical sockets outlets for 15/5 amp.
  • •  Should have Pressure Monitors like Magnehelic gauge are required to indicate pressure drop acr.
  • •  Exhaust blower should be capable for 100% exhaust interconnected with supply air blower; system should only start when the negative pressure is develop
  • •  Back holes should be there on vertical walls to provide more work area on table
  • •  Should have Switches & Electrical sockets outlets for 16 amp.
  • •  Suitable power supply 230 volt a/c

Bio Safety Cabinets are a type of cabinet designed to protect workers from hazardous chemicals. Bio Safety Cabinets are commonly used in laboratories and research facilities, where they provide protection from dangerous substances, including solvents, gases, and radiation. Bio-safety cabinets are often used in conjunction with fume hoods, which are similar cabinets designed to protect people from fumes.

How does the Bio Safety Cabinet work?

A Bio Safety Cabinet works by providing a controlled environment for the user. The hood supplies filtered air to the user's face and lungs, while the glove box creates a barrier between the user and any contaminants outside of the Bio Safety Cabinet.

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