Dispensing Booth

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Specification :
  • •  MOC: SS 304
  • •  Pre-filter: Air Micron Make EU 4 rating with suitable size having efficiency 90% down to 10 micron.
  • •  Intermediate Filter: Air Micron Make EU 7 rating with suitable (size having efficiency 90% down to 3 micron.
  • •  Mini-pleat Hepa filte: HEPA Filter having EU 13 or EU 14 rating with suitable si having efficiency 99.997& down to 0.3 micron.
  • •  Exhaust Filter: HEPA Filter having EU 13 or EU14 rating with suitable si having efficiency 99.997& down to 0.3 micron.
  • •  Air Cleanliness: Class ISO 5 (as per ISO 14644-1).
  • •  Air Flow Rate: 0.45 + 0.1m/sec.
  • •  llumination Of Light : Optimum.
  • •  Vibration Level : Minimum.
  • •  Magnehelic Differential Pressure Gauge : (make : omicron, USA) To measure differential pressure across the supply HEPA filter.
  • •  Motor Blower Assembly : Statically & Dynamically balanced with suitable rating an size. (Induction motor with centrifugal blower) A Mountin unique spring suspension system to take care of vibratio and noise.
  • • Side Panels:Double skinned PUFF insulated side panels.
  • • Feather Touch Switch: On/Off switches for motor blower & CFL lights.
  • • Working Sizes: 3X2X6,4X2X6,6X2X6,3X4X6,4X4X6,6X4X6

Any industry where complete air sterility is essential uses dispensing booths, also known as weighing booths or sampling booths, frequently.

A customised dispensing booth, also known as a downflow booth, sampling or weighing booth, or powder containment booth, is a purification device specifically designed for sampling, weighing, and analysis. It can keep dust and other particles out of the operator's airway while still keeping them in the work area.

How does the dispensing booth work?

A negative pressure zone is created by the motor blower assembly. Air flows top to bottom through an overhead module, carrying the contamination into a pre-filter and away from the operator.

Air is further purified by passing through a fine filter operating at 3 microns after the pre-filter. Finally, air returns to the clean room after passing through the HEPA filter.

In Mumbai, India, we are a dispensing booth manufacturer, supplier, and exporter with more than 15 years of experience.