Fume Hood

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  • •  Design Structure: Aerodynamic, Floor mounted
  • •  Overall Fume Hood Dimensions with Base Cabinet:
  • L=915 mm (3fitt) X D= 762 mm X H=2400 mm
  • L=1200 mm (4fitt) X D= 762 mm X H=2400 mm
  • L=1500 mm (5fitt) X D=762 mm X H=2400 mm
  • L=1800 mm (6fitt )X D=762 mm X H=2400 mm
  • •  Base Cabinet Dimensions : L= mm X D=650mm X H=700mm
  • •  Inside Fume Hood Working Volume: L= mm X D=650mm X H=700mm
  • •  Inside Fume Hood Interior : Polypropylene (PP) Chemical & Heat Resistant, Fire Retardant, Smooth Finish, Easily Laminate 5mm, SS 304
  • •  Height of worktop from ground level: 850 mm
  • •  Airflow Type : Low Constant Volume (for A.C. environment)
  • •  Constructruction (Exterior) :
  • Anti-corrosive Powder coated
  • Pre-treated with 8 tank chemical processes and powder coated with highly chemical resistant epoxy Colors having dry film thickness of 70 to 80 microns. Passes all conformity performance tests as per IS standards.
  • •  Construction (Interior) : Chemical (especially strong acid like H2SO4 and HNO3) resistant & Heat Resistant, Fire Retardant, Smooth Finish, Easily leanable Panels

Fume hoods are made to shield workers from dangerous fumes produced by various processes. These hoods are frequently mounted over equipment where they can filter out hazardous chemicals before they enter the worker's breathing zone.

Fume hoods can be divided into two categories: fixed and portable. Fixed fume hoods are stationary appliances that are indefinitely mounted above machinery. Mobile units called portable fume hoods can be moved around the workspace.

How does the fume hood work?

A fume hood is basically a box that contains air at a specific temperature and pressure. Inside the hood, there is a filter system that removes any particles that may be released into the air. In order to ensure that the air inside the hood remains clean, the hood is connected to a blower that pulls air out of the hood and pushes it back into the room.

In Mumbai, India, we are a fume hood manufacturer, supplier, and exporter with more than 15 years of experience.